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Infab Corporation (U.S)

Infab Corporation

Infab Corporation has been a leader in the radiation protection industry since our inception in 1981. We produce superior Lead Aprons, Lead Glasses, Lead Apron Racks, X-ray Mobile Barriers, Radiation Protection Accessories and Infection Control Apparel while and striving for world-class customer service.

INFAB Corporation is located in Camarillo near Los Angeles in the United States. We took the lead in introducing its new concept of lead-free into China and assisting it in Logo design and clothing design, so as to create products more suitable for China and promote the continuous upgrading of its products to meet China’s unique market needs and requirements. Through professional academic promotion such as process questionnaire and radiation industry protection manual, we helped it to build a Chinese brand image and increase its market share in China. With the increasing demand for its products in the Chinese market, its factories are expanding and it gradually becomes a global leader in the field of radiation protection.