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Company Profile

Allian Medical Group is a transnational enterprise with Beijing Allian Medical Devices Co., Ltd. as the core (established in 2006) and composed of several member companies. The Company is an international enterprise engaged in full industrial chain services for the introduction of foreign medical devices into the Chinese market; marketing of high-end medical devices in domestic market; online Internet sales services for household beauty products.

The Company aims to promote the massive health of mankind and adheres to the purpose of "realizing enterprise value in the process of benefiting society". The Company has been involved in the medical device industry since 2000. It focuses on radiation intervention, medical radiation protection, prevention and treatment of peripheral vascular diseases and other fields. Besides, it is committed to introducing selected high-quality medical devices from Europe, America and other countries. The Company has successfully achieved strategic cooperation with MI (Germany), INFAB (U.S.), BIO (U.S.), TZ (U.S.), Kenex (Britain), LP (Italy), Emerson (Italy) and other companies (all of which are the general agents of the above international famous brands in China). It has become the disseminator and promoter of imported high-quality brands and advanced technologies in the medical device industry.

After decades of hard work, the Company has obtained evident brand strengths in major health fields such as radiation intervention, medical protection and radiation medical equipment, vascular surgery and venous diseases, established a solid position in the industry and enjoyed high popularity and public praise in the industry.

Our mission is to fulfill our dream while benefiting society. The company’s long-term strategy is to continue expanding our existing business into the health and wellbeing sector. We will continue to focus on and promote advanced medical and beauty technology while building close relationships with international professional societies, enhance communications and exchanges between China’s professional associations and other world societies.


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