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Agent Service

We act as a direct agent.    

    Allian is committed to bringing advanced and high-quality health products to the Chinese market, so that consumers can better enjoy these products and technologies.

We have about 20 years of experience in importing products, and have been focusing on introducing high-quality imported products from Europe and America, marketing and selling imported products.

    We offer the following series of services:

l  Introduce high-quality health products produced abroad, including medical devices and beauty instruments;

l  Medical device registration;

l  Build sales channels and expand sales with the existing distributor network;

l  All-round three-dimensional brand marketing to improve its popularity in China;

l  Assist product improvement, accelerate the localization of products in China and adapt to the Chinese market

l  Capital cooperation;

l  Other services that may be carried out in China, such as OEM, etc.;