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Facilitate Collaboration

As an intermediary agent, we help you find suitable partners at home and abroad.

The Chinese market has the following characteristics:

l  Large: Vast territory; great prospects; a paradise for making money;

l  Change: Rapid development; quick change; a paradise for adventurers;

l  Chaos: The market is chaotic; full of counterfeiting and infringement; many abnormal and strange matters; poor integrity of enterprises.

China’s market is huge in scale and potential. However, the Chinese market is by no means similar to European and American markets or African markets. It is similar to these markets in some aspects, but has its own Chinese characteristics. To open up the Chinese market, first of all, we must understand the Chinese market, the differences between the East and the West, and the Chinese culture. Second, we must formulate appropriate Chinese market strategies. Without the help of a Chinese enterprise who is familiar with the Chinese market and culture, it is likely to get half the result with twice the effort and waste opportunities in the process of entering the Chinese market. Therefore, we suggest that you must find a Chinese enterprise to help you enter the Chinese market. The enterprise should not only have the strength to provide the services you need, but also should be honest and reliable.

As a native, with nearly 20 years of experience in the medical device industry, especially in the market, we can help you find the most suitable Chinese partners and explore the Chinese market. We can provide you with the following services, including but not limited to:

l  Look for a suitable agent in China

l  Look for a long-term strategic partner in China

l  Carry out market survey in China

l  Offer medical device regulation consultation and registration services (mainly Class I and Class II medical devices)

l  Look for reliable supplier resources in China;

l  Export services of Chinese products;

l  Investment and financing services; 

l  Other consultations you need.

Your demand is our goal, and your confusion is our solution direction. The answer you want may be here. Send us an email, make a phone call, and maybe everything will start to be different.

Allian is committed to providing professional market consulting services for small and medium-sized medical device companies in Europe and America, and looks forward to helping you set sail and escort you on the road of developing the Chinese market.